How To Do A Tarot Reading For Love?

One true thing is that Tarot cards can deal with every matter in people life such as career, health, relationship, finances, etc. But, one of the most burning topics that Tarot readers are often called upon to avail their talents to bring insights and solutions are about love. More than half of Tarot readings are related love matters. So, how to do a Tarot reading for love in case that you are a newcomer? Take a look below now!

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4 typical steps to do a free Tarot reading love oracle

How To Do A Tarot Reading For Love?

You should know that using a Tarot spread in a Tarot reading is the most important thing so that you can discover lots of things. We will show you a simple and easy spread – 3-card Tarot spread.

# Step 1 – All the 3 cards will connect to your subconscious and detect what you really want. Try to explore all the meanings to get a good thought of what it is and its importance.

  • Card 1 shows what you want from your relationship.
  • Card 2 shows what kind of person you want.
  • Card 3 shows what your thoughts about an ideal relationship.

# Step 2 – Continue asking another 3 questions for the 3 Tarot cards to explore what prevents you from seeking for a lover. You need to comprehend mistakes you made in the past and what you should do to acquire the happiness later. To arrive at the future, you need to gain a clear sketch of the past and present.

  • Ask the Card 1 what prevents you from finding your partner in the past.
  • Ask the Card 2 what troubles make you difficult to acquire love at the current time.
  • Ask the Card 3 what course of action you can take to resolve the troubles.

# Step 3 – At this time, you just pick up one Tarot card in order to get an idea of the kind of person who is possible to perfect the unfinished part of the equating. The meaning of the card will show his/her age, sexual energy and maturity.

# Step 4 – In addition to knowing about the person who will come to your life, you also determine what you have to bring as a lover. Keep in mind that you should avail your intuitive capacities to discover the qualities of the cards.

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