what is an aquarius/pisces cusp best love match?

what is an aquarius/pisces cusp best love match?
I’m a taurus, i’m patient for the most part but sometimes i think i need to be a little more patient with this guy..i’m wondering if our signs are compatible. i know pisces and taurus are, but i’m not sure about the cusp with aquarius.

Answer by ♌☉MissM♎☾
A sun sign isn’t enough, you must check the entire birthchart and check the following sign compatibility:
Venus (how you act when in love, how much you love)
Mars (how you make love and your sexuality)

I also usually check 3 houses for this request:
5th house: sex & love
7th house: relationships or marriage
11th house: Friendship & social life

You can check this out online for free (just google “free birthchart”) or try this one:


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