What type of people are Taurus’s attracted to?

What type of people are Taurus‘s attracted to?
Hi I am a Taurus and i want to know who the right girl to go out with is. Please help because if you do I will back you up for the rest of eternity!

Answer by It’s a Long Story
They attracted to the ones that got money and a Mercedes-Benz.

Answer by soriku
I’m a female Taurus and we are attracted to other Taurus sometimes scorpio capricorn libra and Virgo

Answer by Karla
Im attracted to cute guys who are intresting traditional morals,and romantics :) and someone I can learn from

Answer by SaggiMC
well there are three signs which I would definately say stay away from, your opp sign scorpio and the sign either side of scorpio which is libra and saggi as these create a 150′ quincunx sign aspects.

First you need to understand that you are NOT the sum total of your sun sign!
newspaper and magazine astrology is nothing related to the proper astrology that Astrologers use, this is just a pinch of salt entertainment sort. What they do is put each sun sign conjunct the Ascendant and read where the 10 planets fall in any one of the 12 houses. So when you have got your free chart from astro.com you will know your Ascendant sign, then if you want use this type of recreational fun, then you would look up your Ascendant sign to stand any kind of chance of having those planets in the right houses for you…. If you cannot get past this idea of JUST sun signs, you will always stay in kindergarden.

First go to astro.com and get your free chart, then use their interactive model to get an explanation, then go to cafeastrology.com and do the same, but do *not* use their charts as they inferior. Then come to mytribe reached via my homepage and get the link *start with basics.*

If you cannot get past this idea of JUST sun signs, you will always stay in kindergarden. perhaps if you learn more some of the basics in astrology then with your future questions this should help you ask more poignant questions, for your own evolution

This slide shows the meanings of the planets

this slide shows the house meanings, natural house rulers and notice the compass points are reversed? this is not a mistake

Synastry doesn’t work off *signs* but the mathematical aspects they make to another’s chart. So synastry (chart comparisons) compares ALL 10planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, Juno, Vertex, Nodes, Part of fortune. so failing no chart appearing you will have to do some research yourself and this is where I come in, for no charge whatsoever (just because I love astrology and this is MY vocation) I will walk you through astrological techniques you are asking about
So broadly speaking then, if mutable on the angles ie: Ascendant/Descendant (pisces,Gemini,virgo, Saggi) this indicates more than one marriage. Mutable on the Midheaven suggests more than one career. Mutable moons are *capable* of loving more than one person at the same time

the Angles (Ascendant/ Descendant) in synastry are THE most important, IF within 3′ max orb, so if mars, venus, (pluto), jupiter, mercury, moon – all the personal planets except pluto.

But really its the Ascendant *signs* that attract and cause the chemistry, lust and attraction factor to get things started and moving in the first place. Of couse not everyone knows their TOB and this complicates matters further.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to have pluto involved in synastry as it could be destructive, intense, manipulative, obsessional, demanding and contain power struggles galore.

Neptune would bring to the table over-idealised pedestal kind of love, illusions confusions and delusions, possible lies even.

Saturn would bring responsibilities, acts as cement for good OR bad which everyone needs these for longevity, or there would be little holding you together. It brings structure, hard work and a reality check, but it can also be a *wet blanket* planet to.

Uranus brings excitements, sudden on/off type relationships, but not necessarily stable ones. One person may really need lots of freedom and independence within relationships. Now this statements really would not go down well with strong water types, as their response would probably be: “Well if you are in a deep and loving committed relationship what the B**** hell do you want freedom and independence for?*

Jupiter brings in OTT espec if personal planets are involved, if malefic outer planets (saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto) it may bring problems. Jupiter is about expansion, faith but sometimes doesn’t know when to stop, be reliable and/or responsible this is Saturn’s domain.

Mars brings in action by sign, house and aspects (as do the others) but what if someone mars was afflicted by hard aspect to uranus (bad temper) and also made a conjunction with your venus? well highly sexed/charged but uranus may want something different, risky or unconventional even..

Just remember planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are mathematical *aspects*

If you go to my homepage there are 3 links that cover synastry just this very topic for you to research

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What is your personal assessment of female Geminis.?
Not what they write in the Astrology books, but your own personal generalization of women born under this sign.

Answer by Rogha an da dhiogha
I find them intelligent, witty and charming. They are good conversationalist and never fail to have interesting and intriguing things to tell you. Gemini sun women are less flighty than their Gemini ascendant counterparts. My Gemini friend is really into online gaming and team games.

Answer by Kae
Since I am a Gemini woman :)

I shall answer for you!

-We are private people! Our “superficiality” and “shallowness” is not so. We just are able to communicate those things much easier/we don’t care to communicate our deeper ideas as we feel they are very private and special to us. That goes for emotions, ideas, thoughts, etc. We all have a private place that no one can come into. And people who try just drive us off. We may act dumb, but that’s just a part we play. We have many masks to cover the private self.
-We adjust to the people we are with. If they are more shy, we are less outgoing. If they are more outgoing, we match that too. We love communication and making people feel at ease and comfortable.
-We will always be independent and prefer to do things our own way. Just let us and you will save yourself some trouble. :) We will ask only when we need it. But usually we want to try it our own way and fail first before we ask someone else
-We are looking for the “one”, but we aren’t only focused on that.
-We follow our heads, not our hearts. But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel. We feel pain, heartbreak, etc. The reason we are able to move on so quickly is simply because we have already thought out the endings to our relationships before they happen. We plan for every kind of situation so we know what to do before it happens. Thus it’s easier. We feel the loss before it happens. Not healthy, necessarily, but that’s what we do!
-We have many different interests and need the space to let us pursue all of them or whatever new thing that comes. We want to be well-rounded and we devour anything that peaks our interest.
-We don’t have multiple personalities… we simply “think” before we act and our thoughts skip and jump ahead and we don’t bother to explain it. Makes us seem a little crazy.
-We are usually faithful. We’d rather break up first than cheat. We “flirt” with other people, but it’s really just our way of communicating and make people feel at ease/feel good. And we joke with the people we are really serious about. The goofiness and silliness and teasing IS us being “serious” with our partners. It’s how we show affection.
-We will leave you if you bore us. Sorry, but that’s just not something we can deal with.
-The more you try to catch us and keep us, the more we will run. Think butterflies. We need to be free or we will suffocate and die.
-We can have big tempers. We hide our anger and don’t freak about the little things, but we don’t forget either. The little things build up and eventually we can’t stand it and you cross our boundaries and we explode. Don’t get surprised. lol
-We put our hearts into a relationship 100%. If we aren’t appreciated and only criticized, we will get discouraged. We don’t have faith in lasting relationships because we are scared and vulnerable… we need someone to give us faith and lead us and give us hope.

Answer by Chris Q.T.
the love of my life is a Gemini, & next time i’m with her, i’ll never take a second with her for granted & have any doubts or waiver about what’s real between me & her,

I Love Making Gemini Gals Happy Happy & Special &

beautiful as the setting sun
just wanted to say lol

edit: i bet they’ve been through so much like the love of my life & feel the same way & all that or something
& i understand them =[ like no other, that’s why i still love the of my life till this day anyway

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