Where can I get a totally free Love Compatibility Horoscope?

Where can I get a totally free Love Compatibility Horoscope?
I really need one…..for me and my gf!!!!

Answer by candyman1
On yahoo horoscopes on the top right hand corner after you click on your sign.

Answer by Gary H
iwon.com Click on the classic iwon tab.

Answer by muffincake93
go to this link


or you can try this one


I pretty much just typed in horoscopes+love compatibility on google search…….these are the 2 best ones I think!

Hope I helped!

Answer by Fireball226
plus googling
enjoy them,

Answer by lacubanita75
look at my questions/answers

I’ve posted about plenty of sites

here are a few off the top of my head

compatiblerelationships.com (find out how likely u are to stay together…no lie, this works)
grupovenus.com (some pretty cool variation of different reports)
astrotheme.fr/en (how easy is it for you to love one another? it’s a rating)
armonics.it (“oroscopo di coppia”)
starmatch.com (find people whose personality is similar to yours. If u get an 11 in a category that means that this person has the same mindset as u in that categor ..from my experience… Also, same thing applies to the site below..same company, same ratings, just quick n don’t have to sign up)
topsynergy.com (I havne’t found it to be particularly true for my cases, but interesting nevertheless)
askganesha.com (free reports….then click on “gun milan”) This site is for “gun milan” compatibility…this is the complicated process that vedic astrologers use in assessing whether two people are compatible for marriage. I found it to be reaaally spot on.
paramdhaam.com –similar to site above cuz has the same kind of compat readings..same process..should give u the same answers..perhaps this one is a lil more detailed. Also has vedic natal chart readings btw…
thefutureminders.com or tarot.com (have the same readings)
astro.com (the best i their “relationship” report..also their astroclick partner is pretty cool)
cafeastrology.com (free reports –> compatibility)
google cosmitec astrology compatibility, they give you your soul mate’s birthdays and everything.

some other sites are aryabhatt.com and indastro.com also cyberastro.com
there are a few others too i know right know i am not remembering. I think it was astrolife.com and the other one was astrovision.com or try astrovisiononline.com i’m not sure. you can google it, too.
ALSO another VERY cool site is asiaflash.com
that side is LOADED with useful information..

a really UNUSEFUL site is scientificastrology.com
lol, yeah, pretty useless…….but interesting name! what a waste, right?

the best numerology site certuspersonality.com you will not find anythign esle like that out there, ur so luckly i told u about all these sites, lol..it took SO much effort to find them..THEY are WELL hidden!! loooll seriously.

Also… another cool site is http://www.soulmate.com.au/
free soulmate searching..and compat readings with anyone to check if they are ur soulmate !

Again, you are soo lucky I just told you all these readings. I find that people simply don’t have the determination it takes to uncover all these sites. So many good ones in one post is a rarity. Be grateful1!!!! lol. It took ME so long you have no idea.

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Free SMS Love/Relationship Horoscopes?
I already have Yahoo’s free daily horoscope delivered to my cell each day. I have a huge text package so getting daily horoscopes isn’t a problem.

On Yahoo’s site (which is redirected from Astrology.com) it has love/relationship horoscopes for singles, but only offers the condensed regular daily horoscope for free SMS delivery.

Any ideas anyone? I don’t want to finally find a place then find a huge subscription fee on my phone bill.

Answer by Rosa Mystica
Consider the following…


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